Ramen development service

What is Ramen

Basic ramen composition

Ramen is a highly customizable dish, having so many components. Enjoy experimenting with different combinations to make your original ramen.



Thin Noodle

Thick Noodle



Tare Sauce

Soy sauce




Clear Soup

Milky Soup

Fish Soup


Flavored Oil

Pork oil

Chicken oil

Vegetable oil

Spicy oil


Chashu meat




Before purchase: Test kitchen experience

Bring your team in to our showroom for a demonstration or hands-on experience. You will find out how easy and efficient it is to use our ramen equipment. We guarantee you will meet a product that strikes a chord of your ramen passion, whether it’s for soup, noodles, or sides.

We have private lessons by appointment as well as seasonal events with guest speakers of experts in their ramen field.

Email us at to receive upcoming events and offers.

After purchase: On-site training

Our specially trained coordinators will visit your facility to work with your staff on how to safely operate your high-pressure cooker so that anyone can make your desired type of soup. Please talk to us about your ideal flavor profiles and goals.


Pressure cooker training

Purchase of our high-pressure vessel includes 2 days of installation and training by our team. We will be on-site to properly install the equipment and then demonstrate cleaning and maintenance methods to keep your money-maker in sparkling great shape. The fun begins on the second day, which will be training and experimenting to discover the potentials of the miraculous ramen equipment.

Training & Consulting upgrades

Ramen soup development

Take your soup game to the next level with our customized ramen soup recipes and development services. Our ramen experts specialize in creating unique and flavorful soups that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. If you are bored of your old soup recipe or have a crazy new idea that you can’t seem to put together, talk to our team and we can provide you with the guidance and support you need to make your vision a reality.


Tare (seasoning) flavor enhancers

Try our original tare(seasoning) packs to add depth and character to your ramen.
Available flavors: Shoyu (non-MSG), Shio (non-MSG and MSG), Miso (vegan).


Fresh noodles made in-house

Different soups need different noodles. Creating noodles thick, thin, wavy, firm, or bouncy is all up to you now. Try expanding your originality by creating your own noodles. We can introduce you to the perfect noodle maker based on your needs and goals.


Kitchen operation consulting

Slow operation? Accidents in the kitchen? You may need better equipment and a new layout. Discover new technology and equipment from our latest lineup to save on ingredients cost, utility expenses, and reduce food waste. We will recommend a more efficient way for your kitchen to maximize the output of your operation.


Ongoing support

We’ve been there; after everything is finished, you think of more ideas and questions. We will be here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us even after we go home.


**Check out our product page and plan your trip. Make an appointment today.**