P&V Ramen Equipment

Confident of the quality and design

Our lineup of Japanese commercial ramen equipment will be all you need to start making your original ramen. Each of our product lines are engineered and made in Japan by the delicate and precise hands of known experts who have been in their respective industries for decades.

P&V Planning Ramen Equipment

High Pressure Vessel

Highly recommended to all ramen restaurant owners. Our High Pressure Vessel can cook any type of ramen soup in min 1 hour.


Capacity: 29Gal (110L)


Capacity: 45Gal (170L)


Capacity: 55.5Gal (210L)

Noodle Making Machine

Sanuki Menki Top Noodle [TP-1PUS]

High performance and Excellent safety features. Suitable for small restaurant.

Sanuki Menki Top Noodle [TP-2PUS]

Easy operation. The worlds first multifunction small machine.

Fuji Seiki Noodle Machine [RMS]

Can make Hakata Ramen which is with its very low moisture content and firm texture easily at a restaurant.

Yutaka Manufacturing [UT-330]

High-quality product similar to the best hand-made product that match the technique and quality of noodles made by seasoned craftman.

Auto-lift Noodle boiler

Anyone can cook perfect noodles every time!

Multi-Boil Auto-lift Noodle Boiler

Easy operation. IAPMO certified.

Gyoza Making Machine

Gyoza robot [DX-2000G]

Small and semi-automatic food machine and is able to produce gyoza by use of gyoza pastry sold in market.

Gyoza robot [GT-8000]

Coming Soon

Gyoza Hot Plates

Extremely durable and has excellent heat retention capabilities.

Nambu Ironware [GS-1STR-US]

Nambu Ironware [GS-2STR-US]

Liquid Freezer