Ramen Development service

Comparison of methods

Traditional method to make ramen soup

Soup making has been difficult to make and maintain the quality and flavor. Long hours and experienced chefs were mandatory, making it hard to expand business.

ramen making process without our high pressure cooker

New Method To Make Ramen Soup with pressure cooker

P&V’s high-pressure vessel(HPV) can make high quality soup stock with a 95% repeated success rate

ramen making process with our high pressure cooker

The Benefits

Benefits of the high-pressure vessel

  • Reduce cooking time to a tenth of what it was before & no longer require overnight cooking 
  • Reduce utility costs & improve the kitchen environment
  • Improve soup stock quality & reduce the cost of making soup
  • No longer require a skilled ramen chef. Any trained kitchen staff can make high quality soup every single time 
  • Easily recover your initial investment & continue making profit
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
Traditional Method New HPV Method
Cooking hours 10 – 20 hours 1 – 4 hours
Flavor and quality Unstable Always consistent
Training to become ramen chef Years Weeks
Payroll expense High salary chef Any kitchen staff
Ingredients cost High Low
Profit Low High