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Gyoza hot plates

World Kitchentec - Gyoza Hot Plates

Low cost, yet loaded with convenient features and functions

Boiling, Steaming, Grilling!

Japanese Nambu ironware is an extremely popular type of material valued for both its physical and aesthetic properties. When used in cookware, it is known to be extremely durable and has excellent heat retention capabilities. This makes it the perfect grilling material for gyoza by ensuring each piece is thoroughly cooked and perfectly browned on the surface.

gyoza Hot plate which are made of Nambu ironware
Gyoza hot plates-1 Plate Divider


  • Even heating and high heat-retention of Nambu cast iron ensures thorough cooking and crispy, browned gyoza skin.
  • Plate Divider lets you cook just one serving while retaining the appropriate water depth.
  • Timer lets you adjust the cooking time to your preference.
  • Easy to use; the thermostat keeps the cooking temperature at desired point.
  • Electric heater for safe, clean and economical operation.
  • No heat-generating open flame, resulting in lower ambient temperature and less air conditioner use.
  • Compact size, yet loaded with convenient features.

Simple Operation

Cooking Steps

  1. Set the thermostat.
  2. Wait until the temperature rises to the set point.
  3. Oil the plate, then place the dumplings.
  4. Add hot water up to the edges of the dumplings.
  5. Set the timer and wait until the alarm goes off.
  6. Add oil, the dumplings are ready to serve.
     (For detailed instructions, refer to the instruction manual.)
Gyoza hot plates 2 Servings image

2 Servings

Gyoza hot plates 4 Servings

4 Servings

Gyoza hot plates Convenient Plate Divider

Convenient Plate Divider

Water dam with water depth indicator


Product GS-1 STR-US GS-2 STR-US
Unit Dimensions W225xD460xH255
Plate Dimensions W180xD340xH40mm
(7.1”x13.4”x15.8x1.6”) x2 Plates
Unit Exterior Stainless Steel
Plate Material Nambu Cast Iron
Cover Material Molded Alminium w/Fluorocarbon Resin Coating
Legs Adjustable 0-10mm (0-0.4”)
Power Input
(Voltage can be adjusted to your requirement)
230V, 1.95Kw, 9.0Amps,
Single Phase
230V, 3.9Kw, 18.0Amps,
Single Phase
Heating Speed 20℃ to 200℃ (7min30sec to 12min)
Temperature Range 190℃ to 220℃ (374 -428F)
Thermostat Variable Liquid Expansion Type
Timer 0-15min with Alarm
Water Supply Manual
Weight 17kg (37.4lb) 35kg (77lb)