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Liquid Freezer - ReCella80

Reduce food loss & preserve quality of ingredients

Excellent food always starts with excellent ingredients. Preserving excellent ingredients with excellent technology is now a reality. In a generation where sustainability and food loss is a global concern, the theme becomes how to preserve food and reduce waste. The liquid freezer is the solution.

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What is a liquid freezer?

It is a device that freezes food at a speed 20 times faster compared to conventional freezers by putting vacuum packed food into alcohol chilled to a very low temperature.

Advantages of quick freezing with a liquid freezer

The speed at which food passes through the temperature range where it cools and freezes (-1 ° C to -5 ° C) determines the quality of the food. Freezing slowly in conventional freezers cause ice crystals to grow and damage the cells of the food, resulting in loss of nutrients and deterioration of the taste and texture of food when thawed.

In comparison, a liquid freezer freezes the food quickly so the ice crystals formation is minimal, thus resulting in a reduction in damage to the food, preserving the taste, texture, and nutrients


Product Features

ReCella - an advanced Liquid Freezer

The speed at which temperature is transferred depends on the state of matter; liquid is faster than gas, and solid is faster than liquid.

ReCella makes freezing even faster than a liquid freezer by freezing alcohol to a lower temperature to make it into a slurry (thick icy state). The mixture of ice and liquid makes the freezing process even faster.

Advantages of freezing food in slurry ice

No.1 It can freeze food quicker than in a liquid freezer.

No.2 Since the temperature can be retained by freezing alcohol, a rise in temperature is minimal even if food is continuously added.

No.3 Power consumption is extremely low, due to a low range in temperature fluctuation.

Features of ReCella

  1. Maintains freshness 20 times faster than air freezers
  2. Planned production, standardization of operations
  3. Maintain the quality and value of ingredients
  4. Preservation of seasonal ingredients
  5. Reduce food loss and waste
  6. Parasite prevention
  7. Low running cost
  8. Reduce labor costs
  9. Expansion of new sales channels
  10. Easy installation and operation
  11. Easy maintenance


Equipped with a Stirling cooler

The innovative Stirling cooler is aboard the International Space Station, and does not require ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

  1. Low noise compared to compressor.
  2. Fast freezing with low power consumption. (ReCella80 Max power 144W, ReCella150 Max Power 200W)
  3. The Stirling cooler operates on DC power supply. It can be used anywhere overseas by using the included AC adapter and installing the standard power cable for the country to be used in.
liquid freezer

Patent No. 6861959
Trademark registration No. 6325736


Touchscreen control panel

Settings options

  • Preset temperature, from 0 to -49℃
  • Countdown timer setting.
  • Buzzer ON / OFF.
  • Display brightness
  • Screen display time
liquid freezer

Usage procedure

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Facilities utilizing the liquid freezer ReCella

Butcher shops, Fresh fish shops, Sushi Restaurants, BBQ restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Hospital cafeterias, Supermarkets, Bakeries, Cooking classes, etc.