Consultant Profile

ramen Consultant Shige Ito


Project Consultant & High Pressure Vessel Coordinator

I was born in Hayama a small town right by the ocean just like Santa Monica in 1955.

During my younger years, I’ve worked at ramen restaurants in Tokyo for a few years and came to the US when I was 23.  I played American football and wrestling in college, but after I injured my knee, I quit school and started working for a meat packing company and wholesale food company.

I finally found my “Tenshoku” 天職 (god given job) as Ramen chef when I met Aki-san at Yamadaya in Torrance. He taught me the basic principles of Ramen including Tonkotsu, Shoyu, Miso, etc.

With the knowledge of making ramen, I had the opportunity to work in NYC with ramen shops, and then in 2013, I started a pop-up ramen shop, Benkei Ramen, inside Ushiwaka Maru which operated late night from midnight to 4am.

Having success with a packed restaurant with ramen lovers, restaurant workers, and even famous restaurant chefs, some investors and restaurant owners approached me to help them improve their business. I helped many restaurants with their ramen business in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

I now work again with Aki-san as a high pressure vessel coordinator to continue helping ramen restaurants.